Bespoke Individual and Group Support Service (BIG)

Service Overview

The Bespoke Individual & Group Service believes that everyone has the right to access activities and events in the community on their own terms.  The purpose of the support we provide is to help people with a learning disability be as independent as possible and live the life they want.

 In providing support, a plan is agreed with individuals and parents/carers to establish what support is required and the type of activities to be undertaken.  The service can be as flexible or as routine as required, subject to the availability of a Support Worker.

 The BIG Service provides specialist services and highly trained staff with excellent communication skills, in depth understanding and experience of working with people with disabilities.

BIG participants can enjoy activity such as:

  • support to get involved in the local community
  • support to meet new people
  • support to participate in different social activities
  • support with hobbies and recreation

Many of the people who use this service access it via Self Directed Support (SDS).  Information on self directed support is available on the Health and Social Care Board’s website:

The BIG service can be as flexible or as routine as required with regard to times but the availability of the Support Worker must be taken into account.

What you can expect

  • A full time coordinator who will discuss your support requirements with you and who will oversee and review the service.
  • Support people with experience, appropriate training and AcesssNI check.
  • To be treated with respect
  • To feel safe
  • Policies in place for the protection of incredABLE staff and the people that use our service.
  • The right to complain if you are not happy with the service

Service Costs

The hourly rate for BIG service is based on a requirement for a single support person as follows (rates for additional support are available from our Project Coordinator):

 Individual Support   £15.70 per person

 Under current Executive guidance, a group setting is only possible if the individuals all live in the same household.  Once restrictions are lifted, group settings will be reviewed.

 Any travel required by the Support Worker for transport using their own car during the service is charged at 45p per mile.  The start and finish point for calculation is usually incredABLE office BT61 9LJ.

 Any mileage caps/distance limits required by the bill payer must be advised before the service commences.

 Any other costs during the service that may be incurred e.g. entrance fees, activity costs etc. are paid by the individual for both themselves and a portion for the support worker according to the size of the group in a group setting.

 Less than 30 days notification of cancellation of service will be charged at normal rate (this may be waived depending on circumstances).

 Charges are payable to incredABLE upon receipt of invoice.


For more information contact-
Oonagh McDonald,
Operations Manager,
Tel: 028 3887 2111

A printable leaflet about this project can be found here.

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