incredABLE me aims to:

  • target young people who are considering progressing to independent living environments in the future,
  • provide participants with daily life skills in a “home mirrored” environment and
  • improve participants understanding of overall health and wellbeing leading to greater confidence and a more active role within the family unit.

The programme’s learning areas are: cooking, purchasing food, food hygiene; cleaning and laundry; money and budgeting; home and personal safety; health, fitness & healthy eating; organising my time; and relationships.

Each programme cycle (12 – 16 weeks) will conclude with a one night residential to allow time to properly assess learning through practical application. Please see admission criteria for further details.

The We are incredABLE project is open to anyone aged between 18 – 28 years who has a learning disability and/or autism and lives in the Southern Area Trust.

Application forms will be forwarded upon receipt of expression of interest.  Expression of interest forms are available here.

For more information contact –

Gemma McKinney
Project Coordinator
Email: gemma.mckinney@incredable.org.uk
Tel:(028) 3887 2111