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Youth Empowerment Programme

YEP residential programme is delivered in partnership with the Southern Health & Social Care Trust Children and Young people’s disability teams. The residential series is made up of ten 3-day residentials throughout the year. The aim of the programme is to focus on daily life skills that can be practiced over the residential and transferred to the home. These skills are focussed on 4 key areas:


Personal Development: Learning to be independent and participating in a programme away from home
Independent Living Skills: These will include key skills such as establishing morning routines, cooking, budgeting, relationships, personal care and home safety.
Social Development: To encourage peer support and increase social skills the programme involved outings and attendance to a range of community and social events
Building self-confidence and self-esteem: The development of independent skills, having the confidence to offer an opinion when planning activities or shopping and feeling positive about reaching goals set.


The residentials are offered to up to 12 participants. Referrals are made through the Southern Health and Social Care Trust Children and Young People’s Disability Teams.


For more information contact-
Catherine Cox,
Service Manager,
Tel: 028 3887 2111

A printable leaflet about this programme is available here.

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