Up to four holidays take place every year and have included trips to Blackpool, London and Disneyland, Paris.  At home, shorter, four night inclusive breaks are facilitated in popular destinations such as Mayo, Portrush and Fermanagh lake lands.  Participants are offered a range of activities tailored to the location of the holiday and are given appropriate support based on their needs and the needs of the group.


Camping trips provide up to 6 residential weekends in the summer months for groups of up to 12 adults with a learning disability and/or autism, engaging participants in meaningful activity during their short break under canvas.  incredABLE use a variety of camping areas across Northern Ireland including Gosford Forest Park, Kinnego Bushcraft Centre, Castlewellan Forest Park, Ardaluin, Ganaway, etc.

A range of adventurous outdoor activities are offered during the short break that are appropriate to the support needs of the participant and the group.

Camping and holiday opportunities are open to anyone over 18 years.

For more information contact-
Oonagh McDonald,
Operations Manager,
Tel: 028 3887 2111

A printable leaflet about this project can be found here.

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